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The Art of Lashing


Eyelash extensions are the fastest growing service in the beauty industry, with the highest profit margin. Receive ongoing support with advanced training and frequent refresher courses, personalized mentorship in real world eyelash extension application. 

 DomaTila's Lash Academy has selected trainers that have built a career around lashing. They are business owners and professionals who have undergone many lash trainings to build their skill and knowledge which they look forward to delivering that education to you! 

The art of Lashing Application starts with a foundational understanding of eye health and anatomy. Once that foundation is established DomaTila's builds upon it, bringing you the latest in lash styling/ mapping, tweezer selection, adhesive 101, proper lash isolation, lash application, creating the perfect bond between the natural lash and the extension and more.

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 At DomaTila's, we are dedicated to teaching you the best INDIVIDUAL lash extension techniques and ensuring that you are able to perform at the highest quality levels so that you are sure to always have happy, returning clients.  We realize this is a big decision but we guarantee you will NOT regret your choice to learn with DomaTila's.

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With over 10 years experience in the lash extension industry, you will receive the very best education, skills and hands on training, by the industries best mentors that will continually help develop your true craft in Lash Artistry.  

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We do lashes ALL DAY, EVERYDAY which gives us a unique perspective on technique, building your business, marketing, best practices, and access to THE best lash supplies!  DomaTila's provides local, ongoing support and continuing education opportunities.



 Our two day course covers everything you will need to know including the highest quality care in eye health and safety. We manufacture our own line of luxury eyelash products that contain the finest ingredients available to ensure you have the confidence to do beautiful lashes. 

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DomaTila's Mentors

Our Master Lash Trainers have over 20 year’s experience and a wealth of information and knowledge of the lash industry, classic application and volume techniques.  While training programs are great for teaching you the skills and basics of lashing, they don't give you the appropriate time to develop and perfect your craft. 

The DomaTila's Lash Academy is located in St. George, Utah. Lash academy students will be immersed into a professional environment with state-of-the-art tools and equipment that will advance their skill-set to the ultimate master level.  From seasoned artists to those just starting their lash journey, your mentor will guide you to success.

Upon completion, each student will have access to a DomaTila's mentors, and infinite connections to all of the DomaTila's Lash Network where your skills and experience is highly sought after. 

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All Skill Levels



Every lash artist has to begin somewhere, and DomaTila's Mentors will help you along the process the entire way. Although the industry is intimidating, our mentors will work with you to make sure you have the confidence and practice needed to take you to the next level. 



Wanting to fine-tune your skills and reach new levels?  By teaching students the most innovative and trending techniques in the lash industry, we will take their lash artistry to the next level. With the guidance of Academy mentors, artists will refine their classic application technique and learn pristine volume methods. 



 Learn from and practice with the industries top lash leaders who share the same passion as you to never stop evolving as artists and industry professionals. Lash Artists experience a unique opportunity to push the limits of your lash knowledge and expertise. Become a DomaTila's Trainer and Brand Ambassador to excel your career beyond its limits. Lashes Elevated.

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Academy Courses

 In-Depth Manual
Interactive Activities 

Pro Lash Kit
Learning Exercises
Live Model Practice
Marketing Material
Certificate (Upon Graduation)
Free Refreshers 

And Access to all of our Mentors!


Learning the DomaTila's Way

Everything you will need to succeed is right at your fingertips from developing and strengthening basic foundations for lash techniques, salon etiquette, and customer service to advanced lash artistry. At DomaTila's Lash Academy, you will learn:


  • identifying eye anatomy
  • correct isolation
  • correct taping techniques
  • understanding the lash growth cycle
  • understanding adhesive ingredients
  • allergies-vs- irritations
  • how to correct lashes
  • identifying lash extension types
  • compiling client consultation/consent forms
  • set-up/safety/sanitation
  • identifying common irritations/infections
  • brow taping techniques
  • correct tweezer techniques
  • understanding eyelash adhesive
  • how to properly care for adhesive
  •  comprehensive product knowledge 
  • applying+removing extensions
  • aftercare + cleansing lashes
  • understanding curls/lengths/diameters
  • and much more… 

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Lash Courses

Classic Beginner Lash Training

 The foundations of the lash industry, Classic Lash training introduces technicians to the lashing world, teaching students the most innovative and trending techniques in the lash industry. An extensive, in depth course that teaches you the individual lash technique, including the highest quality care in eye health and safety, the business basics, hands-on training guided by mentors, that will help you attain the knowledge and confidence to get you salon ready. 



Volume Lash Training

Advanced 2 Day Volume Course, including Hybrid and Color lashes. We have combined three techniques into a 2 day all star class. In this class you will learn, Beginner Volume, Hybrid, and Color Theory.  Learn Volume 2D-3D using .07 weights. Learn Hybrid using .07 & .10 weights. Learn how to create beautiful color Lash sets. 



Classic Lash Training Deposit

All trainings to be paid in full 14 days before class begins.


Classic Deposit

Volume Lash Training Deposit


All trainings to be paid in full 14 days before class begins.


Volume Deposit




ST. GEORGE                                      SEPTEMBER 28, 29  

                                                              OCTOBER 19,20

SALT LAKE CITY                               TBD



LAS VEGAS                                        TBD



LOS ANGELES                                 TBD

SAN DIEGO                                       TBD



HAWAII                                               TBD

MAUI                                                   TBD



NEW YORK CITY                                 TBD



DALLAS                                             TBD

HOUSTON                                        TBD



Request a training class in your city, state or country and we will try our very best to make that happen!! Become a host in your salon and receive huge benefits, as well as bringing the DomaTila's brand to your town!


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Register for our next Lash Training, hosting or ask us about training in your city, state or country.

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